Megvalósult képzések

Megnevezés Határidő Részletek
Activity aims at giving opportunity for staff members of closed institutions (detention services, prisons, refugee camps etc.) to exchange experiences and practices in working with young people and explore role of non- formal learning there.
COMETS – Integrating a political dimension into the trainers’ work 2017.02.19. Részletek
Training for Trainers on integrating a political dimension into the trainers’ work based on the ETS competence model for trainers working at international level.
FROM KNOWING TO BEING 2017.02.15. Részletek
This new training course is addressed to trainers training trainers and youth workers and educators of youth workers, who are ready to live through and reflect on using and applying competence models with a specific focus on attitudes, values and inner readiness.
DIG-IT up! Training course on including digital tools in Youth work 2017.02.15. Részletek
The aim of this training course is to provide new knowledge and skills and find creative ways on how to combine analog & outdoor activities in youth work with digital tools and apps that are used by youngsters through a hands-on approach and experience.
EVS P.M.- EVS Project Management 2017.02.12. Részletek
This training is a non-formal education activity which tends to support the development of EVS projects under the ERASMUS+. Its aim is to facilitate the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for a quality approach in projects and activities of EVS.
TYE - Tools for Youth Exchanges 2017.02.07. Részletek
A Youth Exchange needs content – behind the content there are tools: This training helps to explore tools around group processes, (intercultural) learning, involvement of young people and more.
Inclusion of Migration Policies in Youth Platforms 2017.02.05. Részletek
By gathering young migrants, diaspora representatives and people involved in youth organizations, this seminar aims to share, discuss and elaborate specific policies to integrate young migrants and refugees into youth platforms.
NEWCOMERS IN EVS 2017.01.29. Részletek
The training course “Newcomers in EVS” will guide the representatives of the newly accredited EVS organisations towards better understanding of the different quality aspects of EVS and support their partnership building for future co-operations.
The Power of Non Formal Education 2017.01.29. Részletek
Improving the impact of Non Formal Education (NFE), principles and methods in creating empowerment opportunities for young people as real actors of the society (from local to Europe).
PERFECT CRIME- training course for more inclusive youth exchange projects! 2017.01.29. Részletek
Make a tandem of youth worker and young person and explore world of youth Exchange projects through simulation of perfect crime!
stART-up your creative exchange 2017.01.25. Részletek
Partnership-building Activity with training elements to support newcomers in Erasmus+ Youth in Action in finding project partners and developing quality youth exchanges with dance, (street)art, music, theatre or other creative forms as a tool.
europe@DJHT - Creating a social and fair Europe for all young people 2017.01.22. Részletek
It's Europe’s biggest event in youth work and child & youth welfare: europe@DJHT will offer you a rich 4-day programme in Düsseldorf. You will meet professionals from all over Europe & get an insight in the various fields of child & youth welfare.
iLOOP 2 - including Learning Outcomes in Our Projects 2017.01.09. Részletek
How can we include "learning" during the whole project: preparation, application procedure, development and evaluation process? Is already “Learning” a key part of our projects? …for all the people involved in it?also for the team involved in the project?
Improving Your Communication Skills T.C. 2016.12.18. Részletek
If you and your organization want to take part in an international project under E+ but you feel that your weakness of communication skills, and practice of English, within the frame of Erasmus+ is an obstacle, this training course is what you need.
MENTOR PLUS- Improving mentorship in EVS 2016.12.11. Részletek
This training invites active EVS mentors who feel the need of developing their competences and improving the quality of their mentorship. They will reflect on the roles, responsibilities and challenges in Mentoring and share experiences and practices.
Visibility and DEOR: Extiende la llama 2016.12.11. Részletek
This training course is about Visibility and DEOR, as well as many participants in Erasmus+ programme don't know what exactly mean these concepts, sometimes there are mistakes between what is visibility and what is dissemination, or what could be considered a result.
Did you know you can organise international youth projects for your young people from disadvantaged backgrounds? Come and discover what Erasmus+ Youth can do for you!
The Power of Non Formal Education 2016.11.25. Részletek
A hollandiai képzés a nem formális tanulás hatásának, alapelveinek és módszereinek fejlesztéséről szól, valamint a fiatalok, mint valós társadalmi szereplők számára (lokálistól az európai szintig), lehetőségek teremtéséről.
MOOC on “Erasmus+ Funding Opportunities for Youth" 2016.11.21. Részletek
KA1 and KA3 E-learning Course
NO HATE - Training Course 2016.11.21. Részletek
This training is intended for youth workers who would like to learn more about hate speech online. The aim of the training course is to learn more about the tools and methods to address this and to work with young people to counteract hate speech online.
APPETISER 2016.11.20. Részletek
The TC amis to give a strong positive first experience of international youth projects to motivate the participants to use the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.
BiTriMulti (BTM) - Multilateral Training Course for newcomers in youth exchanges 2016.11.20. Részletek
The aim of the BiTriMulti course is to offer an international learning experience for practitioners active in the youth work field, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects;especially newcomers to this field.
STEP INTO STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS - 2nd edition 2016.10.28. Részletek
A basic training course with the aim of supporting the first steps of potential applicants into medium and large-scale Strategic Partnerships in the youth field.
ATOQ NL- Advanced Training on Quality in the Netherlands 2016.10.19. Részletek
ATOQ training course aim at increasing quality within youth exchanges. Based on previous exchanges, an international group of youth workers will focus on quality aspects and improve management competences in order to raise quality of future exchanges.
It's time to move! Transitioning From Youth Work To Social Entrepreneurship 2016.10.14. Részletek
This 5 days training will equip participants with the competences useful in social entrepreneurship and innovation, so in result they will be able to support the organizational change in their organizations.
THE WINNER IS: EVS 2016.10.09. Részletek
German speaking training for project managers and mentors in the European Voluntary Service
Ignite the spark, Participation Lab 1: How to give young people with fewer opportunities a voice? 2016.10.09. Részletek
The 1st participation lab of “Ignite the spark” explores how we can empower underrepresented groups for participation in democratic life. In this lab we want to learn, share and experiment what youth workers and multipliers could do to be helpful in this.
TICTAC - Multilateral Training Course to support quality in youth worker mobility activities 2016.10.02. Részletek
TICTAC is targeted at voluntary and professional youth workers and youth leaders interested in using international cooperation to enhance their local development strategies, it supports designing quality Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme projects.
CHERRY ON THE CAKE – increase the visibility of your Youth Exchange 2016.10.02. Részletek
The 3rd international training course “Cherry on the cake” will focus on the aspects of visibility as well as dissemination and exploitation of results aiming at increasing the impact of Youth Exchanges.
Employability Ambassadors aims to equip participants with a set of tools to effectively foster employability within their local communities. Thus, informative resources will be provided and social competences developed throughout the activity.
DEMOCRACY RELOADED: Dialogue between public authorities and young people 2016.09.25. Részletek
The training aims to develop the necessary competences to efficiently plan, implement, sustain and reform local participative structures.
DIGITOOLS 2016.09.25. Részletek
The use of IT tools in the design and development of E+ projects. Digitool E+TC is a space for users of E+ to exchange their experience and to learn about new digital resources, tools, networks, platforms… available to make our daily work within E+ easier.
SOHO PT 2016.09.18. Részletek
EVS küldő, vagy fogadó szervezettel dolgozol? Fontos, hogy az általad küldött/fogadott önkéntesek, minőségi projektekben vegyenek részt? A képzés olyan módszertannal és EVS-hez kapcsolódó tudnivalókkal szolgál, amely az európai önkéntes szolgálatban részt vevő küldő és fogadó szervezeteknek hasznos a további munkájukban.
BREAKING BARRIERS - Erasmus+ activities involving young people with disabilities 2016.09.16. Részletek
Breaking Barriers is a training course for youth workers/youth work practitioners that work directly with young people with disabilities and are interested in engaging in Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Activities.
PBA MAKE THE MOVE III 2016.09.15. Részletek
A contact making seminar organized in order to promote partnerships and develop quality Youth Exchanges with a strong focus on Inclusion.
Tipping Point - Understanding and Tackling Extremism 2016.09.12. Részletek
Training course for youth practitioners, working directly with young people who are vulnerable to religious or political radicalisation.
BRIDGES FOR TRAINERS 2016.09.10. Részletek
Bridges for Trainers offers a platform to debate trends and hot issues related to training in the youth field – national and international. In 2016 Bridges will provide a space to discuss current challenges of societies and their effects on young people!
CMS In Net 2016.09.07. Részletek
Contact Making Seminar In-net is a project directed to organizations working with physically disabled young people in the field of non-formal education.
Towards collaborative practice 2016. Forum on social innovation and entrepreneurship 2016.09.05. Részletek
A cross-sector event providing an interactive and dynamic space enabling participants to share experiences/tools/methods, network and produce innovative ideas and projects.
Recognising learning for You(th)! 2016.09.05. Részletek
The TC is on recognising learning through non-formal learning activities, for youth workers and youth leaders working with young people.
Time to show off! MIND-SETS of youth workers in supporting learning through youth mobilities 2016.09.04. Részletek
This five-day training course provides a learning environment for youth workers to reflect on their approaches, practices and experience with a specific focus on supporting learning of young people in youth work, particularly in youth mobilities. This training course is part of a long term project of the NAs of the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia and SALTO Training and Cooperation including a research element and a future international seminar in 2017 involving youth worker education and training providers.
An introduction to the Danish formal and non-formal educational system 2016.09.01. Részletek
During the study visit the participants will be introduced to the Danish formal and non-formal educational system and experience different educational institutions and learn about the diverse challenges and solutions in different settings and locations.
HOW CSR WORKS?- how the Corporate Social Responsibility can appear in Erasmus+ Youth Programme 2016.08.30. Részletek
An international training course that offers opportunity to gain useful knowledge, skills and guidelines how to build cooperation with business sector, with the specific focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and fundraising.
APPETISER 2016.08.28. Részletek
An introduction on how to use the ‘Erasmus+ Youth in Action’ Programme for international youth work
On the occasion of 20 years of EVS, the European Volunteering Forum offers the opportunity to promote the impact of transnational volunteering, learn from good practices, identify current challenges and develop perspectives for the future.
Making Art with Youth 2016.08.15. Részletek
The seminar focuses in youth work with cultural methods. With examples by youth work, cultural institution and production experts the seminar is open to discussion and comparison. The seminar will focus also in up-to-date research.
Antidiscrimination education across Erasmus+ Youth projects 2016.08.15. Részletek
The main aim of the TC is to describe and discuss types of discrimination youth workers and young people can face how to deal with those and what tools to use if it appears during youth projects.
I REJECT, DO YOU? 2.0 2016.08.07. Részletek
Training course for youth workers & youth leaders who want to learn about successful and innovative tools to prevent and fight against gender based violence and how to develop critical thinking in youth about what GBV is to generate healthy behaviors.
EVS 20th ANNIVERSARY EVENT 2016.07.31. Részletek
The French NA organizes a 2 days event near Paris in order to celebrate the 20th EVS anniversary and reflect on the future of European Voluntary Service.
The TC aims to explore and experiment with tools linking the Youthpass process and the Human Resource Development learning and training cycles to support youth employability through strength-based approaches for personal and professional development.
ATOQ SK - Advanced Training on Quality in Slovakia 2016.07.09. Részletek
ATOQ training course aim at increasing quality within youth exchanges. Based on previous exchanges, an international group of youth workers will focus on quality aspects and improve management competences in order to raise quality of future exchanges.
TOOL FAIR XI - #ReadyfortheRoad - Tools|Solidarity|Inclusion 2016.07.09. Részletek
Tool Fair XI will focus on "Tools for Solidarity and Inclusion" through innovative youth work approaches to reach out and support young people at risk of marginalisation and social exclusion, including young people with a migrant or refugee background.
11th ECONOMIC FORUM OF YOUNG LEADERS 2016.07.08. Részletek
Economic Forum of Young Leaders is one of the biggest international social and economic meeting of young leaders.
YSE - Youth and School Exchanging 2016.07.05. Részletek
GTC targeted at staff of organizations active in the youth field and lower and upper secondary schools interested in preparing projects containing youth exchanges in the field of Youth and School Education in Erasmus+ programme.
Has your organization just been accredited as EVS org and you don’t know how to find EVS partners? Are you a sending org searching for good projects for your candidates or a host org wishing to receive good volunteers and not to have surprises? Yes?
SUPERANNUAL MEETING 2016.07.03. Részletek
EVS értékelő találkozó.
PROMOTE YOURSELF! - Long-term training on visibility, dissemination and exploitation of results 2016.07.03. Részletek
The aim of this long-term training is to offer support for the applicants and beneficiaries of the programme for successful planning and implementation of visibility and DEOR strategies within their Erasmus+ projects.
Youth Workers as Agents for Change 2016.06.30. Részletek
Dialogue your way out of conflict – equipping youth workers to improve cohesion and trust when working with youth and communities. This training will give you skills to bring people together, and to create space for dialogue and social transformation.
Learning programme “Youthful Europe” – Western Balkan edition 2016.06.30. Részletek
The activity provides youth work practitioners with a space to explore and critically reflect different approaches towards Europe through identity, values and active participation, and to promote the notion of Europe as an opportunity.
TYE - Tools for Youth Exchanges 2016.06.14. Részletek
A Youth Exchange needs content – behind the content there are tools: This training helps to explore tools around group processes, (intercultural) learning, involvement of young people and more.
Mobility Taster for Inclusion Organisations 2016.06.13. Részletek
Did you know you can organise international youth projects for your young people from disadvantaged backgrounds? Come and discover what Erasmus+ Youth can do for you!
PROJECT FACTORY 2016.06.12. Részletek
Training course on cross-sectorial project development, involving and targeting youth at risk and in NEET situation.
TRAINING OF TRAINERS for European Erasmus+ 2016.05.31. Részletek
The major aim of this training course is to train trainers who have the competences and the motivation to contribute to the improvement of the quality of projects within the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme of the European Union.
BiTriMulti (BTM) Multilateral Training Course for newcomers in youth exchanges 2016.05.29. Részletek
The aim of the BiTriMulti course is to offer an international learning experience for practitioners active in the youth work field, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects; especially newcomers to this field
FORUM on Perspectives of European Cooperation in the Youth Field 2016.05.27. Részletek
The forum offers the opportunity to meet and reflect on the state of affairs of the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy.
The aim of the Developing Digital Youth work seminar is to demystify the idea of digital youth work and identify common challenges. It will support organisations to develop digital youth work practices in their local context.
YOUTH WORK EXPERT MEETING 2016.05.16. Részletek
Developing innovative non-formal education approaches between youth work and its collaborative partners to include young people with disadvantaged backgrounds in local society. Youth Work Expert Meeting with project visits
EVS to tackle long term unemployment 2016.05.12. Részletek
This is a long term activity on how to establish reciprocal international EVS partnerships, based on local partnerships between youth organizations and employment offices to encourage long term unemployed young people (aged 18-30) to get involved in EVS.
CONNECTOR 2016 2016.05.08. Részletek
In a nutshell: CONNECTOR is a space aiming to bring together practitioners passionate about learning in a participative and interactive manner, with a focus on practical experience. The event is based on sharing, learning and experimenting.
ART, DANCE AND SPORT 2016.05.08. Részletek
This PBA will offer the opportunity to establish a permanent international cooperation in the field of dance, art and sport activities, to increase the quantity and to improve the quality of KA1 Youth Exchanges (YE) projects.
EUtopia? -Diversity in Changing Europe 2016.05.04. Részletek
The activity addresses various implications of the European migrant crisis on youth from the perspective of understanding diversity in rapidly changing Europe.
TUNING IN: to Learning and Youthpass 2016.04.27. Részletek
This four-day training course provides practical support to facilitating learning in youth work activities, based on the concept of the Youthpass process. What is the learning potential of youth work, what kind of competences can young people develop?
GOING INTERNATIONAL - Europe at Your Reach 2016.04.25. Részletek
Are you involved in youth work? Are you interested in adding an international dimension to your work? Are you looking for long-term co-operation and strategic international opportunities? Then this event is exactly for you!
impACT 2016.04.22. Részletek
The aim of the seminar is to share approaches, tools and methods related to quality impact measurement of Erasmus+ projects and youth work in general and how to successfully communicate this to others. impACT is a seminar addressed to youth workers, youth leaders, researchers and other professionals with an interest and some experience in using tools for measurement of the impact measurement /assessment of youth work activities.
FEEL THE RYTHM! V4+ROMA 2016.04.18. Részletek
The cross-country training course aims to show good, interesting and exciting examples of education and youth work within the Roma community and Erasmus+.
Let's coordinate! - Training course for EVS organisations 2016.04.18. Részletek
Whether you come from an experienced EVS organisation or from a newly accredited one, this training course will empower your organisation for coordinating EVS projects and bring more quality to the management of your future EVS projects.
BiTriMulti (BTM) - Multilateral Training Course for newcomers in youth exchanges 2016.04.17. Részletek
A képzés célja, hogy nemzetközi keretek között biztosítson az ifjúsági munkában aktív szakemberek számára olyan tanulási lehetőséget, amely hozzájárul minőségi ifjúsági cserék megszervezéséhez.
WAKE UP, GREEN UP! 2016.04.17. Részletek
This Training Course aims at developing the competences of youth workers to encourage and support young people’s active involvement in environmental issues.
Regional workshop for EuroPeers in the Western Balkan region 2016.04.15. Részletek
This workshop is for young people who have participated in Youth in Action or Erasmus+:YIA projects. The workshop prepares them to independently share their experiences and inspire their local peers to get involved in European mobility programmes.
LET'S EXPLORE- Refugees today in Europe. 2016.04.13. Részletek
A learning opportunity for youth workers who want to develop the capacity to raise awareness and address refugee related issues in their work with young people.
Seminar to sharing best practices on pre-departure training 2016.04.12. Részletek
The Seminar to sharing best practices on pre-departure training aims to share good practices on pre departure training among evs organisations with a focus on the involvement of people with fewer opportunities.
MENTORING IN EVS 2016.04.12. Részletek
Mentoring in EVS aims to go deep into the Mentor and Tutor role to support better this key part of the EVS projects and try to understand the peculiarity.
ATOQ BG - Advanced Training on Quality in Bulgaria 2016.04.11. Részletek
A képzés célja az ifjúsági cserék minőségének javítása a korábbi tapasztalatok figyelembe vételével, különböző szempontokat és a projekt menedzsmentben fontos kompetenciákat szem előtt tartva.
THE STAR OF EUROPE 2016.04.10. Részletek
“The Star of Europe” training tackles every phase of a youth exchange project and takes a step by step journey through participation and partnership by using visual material from the old Finnish game called “The Star of Africa”.
TRAINERS SKILLS WS 2016.04.08. Részletek
A képzés már tapasztalattal rendelkező, nemzetközi ifjúsági képzések szakmai levezetésében aktívan részt vevő képzőknek szól. A program támogatja a képzői munkához elengedhetetlen IT készségek fejlesztését.
Imagine you stand in front of a group and everything goes different than you expect. Your plans do not work out, you freeze and the level of inner anxiety is increasing immediately. The creative processes of the brain are blocked at that moment. How can you deal with these challenging ambiguous situations? Improvise! Improvisation is a skill that is commonly used every day, even though we might not be aware of it. We believe that practicing improvisation frees the mind and leads to the reduction of one’s inner anxiety and helps to act more confidently in unexpected situations.
LEARN TO F.L.Y. IN EVS 2016.04.04. Részletek
The aim of the training course is to improve the quality of EVS projects through empowering EVS actors to provide meaningful learning opportunities.
ZOOM IN - Facilitating Group Learning Processes Training Course 2016.04.03. Részletek
The aim of "Zoom in TC" is to overcome on participants’ dilemmas, conflicts within or related to groups, and to reinforce the learning possibilities of each training situation by providing different techniques and methods. This training course deals with previous experiences when it was not easy to be facilitator and to turn it to a constructive learning experience. "Zoom in TC" is not an introductory overview about facilitating group learning procces thus invite facilitators, trainers with experience.
YAM LEARNING! - Young People’s Learning Processes After Mobility 2016.04.02. Részletek
This TC aims to help Youth workers to support youngsters after a mobility experience. The participants will become aware of their role; share experiences; learn to generate impact; discover new working methods and enlarge their support network.
THE SOUND OF MUSIC II 2016.03.30. Részletek
A zene mint a nemformális tanulás eszköze: az ifjúsági területen aktív résztvevők különböző céllal (relaxáció, aktivizálás, együttműködés, visszajelzés) többféle módszert ismerhetnek meg.
NFL-BUSINESS: training course for youth workers 2016.03.27. Részletek
The TC aims at supporting the professionalization of the youth work sector in establishing contacts and cooperation with the business sector.
A szeminárium lehetőséget biztosít Erasmus+ projektmegvalósítók számára, hogy reflektáljanak korábbi tapasztalataikra és egymástól tanuljanak, így a jövőbeli projektek minősége javuljon.
A 1.5 day cross-sectoral seminar to share practices, develop methods and approaches to target excluded groups, tackle barriers and widen participation in formal and non-formal learning.
Az kis települések szervezetei számára kihívást jelenthet a humán erőforrás előteremtése nemzetközi projektek szervezésénél. A tanulmányúton lehetőség nyílik egy aktívan működő lengyel régió mint jó gyakorlat meglátogatására.
The 2nd EUSDR Youth Platform aims at bringing together educators from the non-formal and formal education field, who have already cooperated in common projects, in order to exchange, reflect and value cross-sectoral cooperation in the Danube Region.
APPETISER 2016.03.13. Részletek
Az Appetiser képzés-sorozat ezúttal Bulgáriában kerül megrendezésre. Olyan érdeklődőket várnak, akik még nem rendelkeznek nagy tapasztalattal a fiatalokkal való nemzetközi munkában és szeretnének megismerkedni az Erasmus+ pályázati lehetőségeivel.
A szeminárium célja olyan projektek támogatása, melyek az iskolaelhagyás veszélyének kitett fiatalok fejlesztését célozzák.
MOVING THROUGH MOBILITY 2016.03.10. Részletek
Moving through Mobility - unlocking the potential of KA1 activities for your organisation
COACHING+ LTTC 2016.03.10. Részletek
Coaching+ LTTC on coaching in Erasmus+ for young people's development
The training will develop the capacity of youth organizations to be sustainable and active in the process of protecting causes and defending positions; to develop youth workers in understanding the processes of lobbying and advocacy and confidence to use the tools in these fields.
A sport fontos szereppel bír társadalmunkban. A fiatalok bevonásával a sport nagyon hatékony tanulási eszköz lehet a társadalmi befogadás tekintetében is. Ennek lehetséges módjait hivatott körüljárni ez a spanyolországi képzés.
A képzés arra helyezi a hangsúlyt, hogy a "virtuális mobilitásban" hogyan lehet az interkulturális kompetenciákat használni, illetve az Erasmus+ projektek a megvalósítás során hogyan segítik más kreatív megoldások megvalósítását.
E-WAVES 2016.02.28. Részletek
Szeretnéd megtudni, hogyan lehet egy projekt láthatóságát növelni? Meg szeretnéd ismerni milyen hatásai lehetnek egy projektnek? Ezen a képzésen lehetőséged lesz erre!
QUALITY MATTERS 2016.02.28. Részletek
A nemzetközi szeminárium a fiatalokkal közvetlenül foglalkozók számára módszertani segítséget kíván nyújtani a nemzetközi projektekben való részvételre készülő fiatalok hatékony felkészítéséhez. A program a különböző oktatási szektorokban tevékenykedők közös munkájára, tapasztalatcseréjére épít.
DRAMA IN NON FORMAL LEARNING 2016.02.21. Részletek
A képzés célja, hogy a dráma eszközén keresztül fejlessze a résztvevők képzői kompetenciáit.
THE WINNER IS... 2016.02.20. Részletek
A képzés aktív EVS koordinátoroknak és mentoroknak szól, akik tapasztalatot cserélnének az önkéntesekkel történő együttműködésről, emellett nyitottak arra, hogy szélesítsék látókörüket az Erasmus+-ban rejlő EVS lehetőségekről.
A szeminárium egy több éves nemzetközi együttműködés következő találkozója. Célja a nem formális oktatás hangsúlyosabb megjelenése a felsőoktatásban, illetve az interkulturális tanulás megjelenése a jövőbeli ifjúsági munkások tananyagában.
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