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Megnevezés Határidő Részletek
SOHO - European Training Course for EVS Support People 2017.06.18. Részletek
The SOHO training course is designed for those who are directly involved in the support system around the EVS volunteer (e.g. mentors and task-related support persons) on the hosting, sending and coordinating side. The support people play a crucial role in providing conditions for a quality voluntary service and creating opportunities for volunteer’s learning in EVS.
Training and Trainers in the field of youth - Changes and Challenges 2017.06.18. Részletek
“Training and Trainers in the field of youth - Changes and Challenges” supports trainers active at local and/or national level in the field of youth.
MOBILITY TASTER for Inclusion Organisations New to Erasmus+ 2017.06.12. Részletek
Did you know you can organise international youth projects for your young people from disadvantaged backgrounds? Come and discover what Erasmus+: Youth can do for you!
Training of Trainers for European Erasmus+ 2017.06.04. Részletek
The major aim of this training course is to train trainers who have the competences and the motivation to contribute to the improvement of the quality of projects within the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme of the European Union.
The Incubator - LESS work for MORE impact 2017.06.02. Részletek
This training course aims to support different stakeholders in the youth field to identify, understand and design which concrete action is the best tool towards the desired local social change/transformation (based upon the assessed needs).
PBA "Make the Move IV" 2017.05.30. Részletek
The activity is aiming to promote partnerships and develop quality Youth Exchanges, with a strong focus on Inclusion.
THE SOUND OF MUSIC III 2017.05.28. Részletek
This course is for youth workers to explore the power of music in non formal education activities with young people with different aims (to relax, to activate, to cooperate, to reflect, to promote learning, etc)
OPEN ACCESS II 2017.05.17. Részletek
The activity is for Youth workers on involvement for access of young people with physical or mental disabilities in Erasmus Plus Youth in Action Programme.
CONNECTOR 2017 2017.05.17. Részletek
CONNECTOR is a space aiming to bring together professionals passionate about learning in a participative and interactive manner, with a focus on practical experience. The event is based on sharing, learning and testing.
Another extraordinary Experience. The colour of pomegranate 2017.05.15. Részletek
The activity aims to create strong ties among participating EVS coordinators and their organisations as well as to learn about EVS realities in Armenia. Concept of the activity is built on idea of experiential, adventure learning and outdoor pedagogy.
“Cherry on the Cake” – Encouraging active citizenship through Youth exchange 2017.05.10. Részletek
The training explores the role of Youth Exchanges in long-term work with young people. The 4th international edition will focus specifically on how Youth Exchanges empower young peoples’ European citizenship.
Makerspaces in digital youth work 2017.05.07. Részletek
A hands-on training course for youth workers who want to set up an international network in the field of digital youth work and creative e-skills.
GET TRANSNATIONAL! Transnational Youth Initiatives, entrepreneurship and youth participation. 2017.05.07. Részletek
The TC is about how to prepare, run and evaluate qualitative transnational youth initiatives for young people within the new ERASMUS + Programme. This is the 3rd edition of this training course.
Linguistic Workout! English communication competences for transnational youth projects 2017.05.07. Részletek
This TC aims to improve communication competences in English with a functional methodology focusing on international youth work within Erasmus+. It targets participants seeking to build partnerships and develop international youth projects.
Social Entrepreneurship Study Visit - Towards Collaborative Practice 2017 2017.05.07. Részletek
Calling all social innovators and social entrepreneurs! Bristol is the UK's first social enterprise city- this study visit of its exciting social enterprises will equip and inspire your budding social entrepreneurial competences and Erasmus+ projects.
Massive Open on-line Course (MOOC) 2017.05.07. Részletek
This MOOC on social communication is dedicated to disseminate good practices in the field of communication strategies for Erasmus Plus projects, to recognize and use them as a resource and reference point for the next generations of youth projects.
From Passive to Active: New Approaches to Youth Participation! 2017.05.03. Részletek
The main aim of the training course is to train youth workers so they are able to create new ways of active youth participation in civil society. Participants can learn about good practices and develop new methods to foster youth participation.
Re-engaging People with Educational Barriers in Non-Formal and Formal Learning 2017.04.30. Részletek
A four-day cross-sectoral seminar to share and develop best practices, methods and approaches, that re-engage excluded groups towards tackling educational barriers, with a view to ultimately widen participation in formal and non-formal learning.
IT tools in non-formal education of young people 2017.04.30. Részletek
The aim of the training course is to provide digital knowledge and skills and find creative ways on combining analog and open-air activities in youth work with digital tools and apps that are used by youngsters, through a hands-on approach and experience.
READY2START? : Non-formal Learning as a Tool to Support Entrepreneurial Skills Development Training 2017.04.30. Részletek
The aim of this training is to bring all related parts and to share Non-formal learning methods in order to create a platform for result oriented discussion with concrete recommendations.
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