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Volunteering & solidarity as a social capital of the city 2021.04.16. Részletek
An international online conference to promote wider and systemic social and economic dimensions and impacts of volunteering and solidarity activities in urban settings.
Youth Leadership for Sustainable Development 2021.04.18. Részletek
This activity aims to foster Youth Leadership for Sustainable Development, deepening the knowledge about Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and developing Youth projects of international cooperation.
Youth Goals Project Lab 2021.04.18. Részletek
The aim of the event is the development of quality Erasmus + / Youth and European Solidarity Corps projects that will be addressing the Youth Goals.
Flash SE+ssions: Creativity and Innovation in E+ and ESC - Mental and Emotional Health 2021.04.20. Részletek
The effects of stress and life's difficulties are increasingly visible, especially with the current pandemic. In this session, we will explore techniques for emotional and mental well-being, both for youth workers and for young people.
EUROPE@DJHT – 17th German Child and Youth Welfare Congress 2021.04.25. Részletek
DJHT is the biggest summit for the child and youth welfare community in Europe. DJHT with more than 200 professional events, supports the qualification of experts and provides diverse stimuli. Europe@DJHT offers a broad programme in English.
SDGS and ME 2021.04.25. Részletek
The aim of this seminar is to offer those working with young people an international learning experience, enabling them to develop their competencies in connecting local issues to global issues using the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework.
Quest4Quality - The online version of ATOQ 2021.05.01. Részletek
Quest4Quality is the online version of the ATOQ training course, which takes youth exchange organisers through a playful and gameful learning experience - online and offline - to pursue the quality in their youth exchange projects.
Flash SE+ssions: Creativity and Innovation in E+ and ESC - Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving 2021.05.03. Részletek
New situations require new solutions. The pandemic demanded new ways of working with young people and in this session, we will explore concrete tools to come up with these solutions and promote creative thinking in youth work.
Flash SE+ssions: Creativity and Innovation in E+ and ESC - Supporting Learning Journeys - E+ 2021.05.10. Részletek
Erasmus+ for Beginners - new programme Explore how Erasmus+ can support local youth work and go international. Get ideas to involve young people and learn how your organisation can develop by using the Eramus+ programme.
Pop in your neighbour! Slovak-Hungarian partnership-building workhops 2021.05.10. Részletek
This long-term project aims to inspire cooperation between Hungarian NGOs and professionals from the youth field of Slovakia and Hungary. The working language of the project is Hungarian.
Flash SE+ssions: Creativity and Innovation in E+ and ESC - Supporting Learning Journeys - ESC 2021.05.17. Részletek
Discover what can be achieved in this programme and the different types of projects funded. Learn to support young peoples’ learning processes along the way and develop you organisation both locally and internationally.
Democracy Reloading: Training Module B 2021.05.31. Részletek
The training course will support municipality staff in desigining, developing and implementing youth participation in decision making and improving local democracy through the use of the Democracy Reloading online Toolkit.
No Dead Ends – Guidance Supporting All the Way 2021.06.16. Részletek
How to support learning and employment throughout the growing up of young people? Join the cross-sectoral seminar to see good practices of guidance and support of pupils, students and young people throughout their development and see its possibilities.
TICTAC II - Multilateral Training Course to support quality in youth worker mobility activities 2021.06.25. Részletek
TICTAC is targeted at voluntary and professional youth workers and youth leaders interested in using international cooperation to enhance their local development strategies, it supports designing quality Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme projects.
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