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TYE - Tools for Youth Exchanges - NEW DATES! 2020.09.28. Részletek
A Youth Exchange needs content. Tools for Youth Exchanges is a training that enables participants to explore tools around group processes, (intercultural) learning, involvement of young people and how to facilitate these tools during a youth exchange.
European Solidarity Corps: Get started with Jobs & Traineeships: ONLINE 2020.09.28. Részletek
This training focuses on the Jobs & Traineeship projects in the European Solidarity Corps. The training is open for organizations which do not have Quality Label not only from NGO but also business sector willing to do Jobs & Traineeships projects in ESC.
APPETISER (online edition) 2020.09.28. Részletek
Giving a strong positive first experience of international youth projects to motivate the participants to use the Erasmus+: Youth in Action and partially the European Solidarity Corps Programmes.
Bridges for Trainers 2020 - Rethinking - Reconnecting - Rebuilding 2020.09.28. Részletek
Bridges for Trainers (BfT) offers a platform to debate on trends and issues related to training in the youth field – national and international.
On-line TC on mental health in volunteering projects 2020.09.30. Részletek
The training course will guide the participants towards better quality in supporting E+/ESC/EVS volunteers´ emotional well-being and understanding of the field of mental health and its importance for everyone.
Democracy Reloading: Training Module A 2020.10.05. Részletek
The training course will support Erasmus + agencies in desigining and implementing activities based on the Online Toolkit for municipalities. We will train trainers, experts, consultants & other multipliers to help municipalities in improving their work.
Volunteering & solidarity as a social capital of the city 2020.10.07. Részletek
An international conference to promote wider and systemic social and economic dimensions and impacts of volunteering and solidarity activities in urban settings.
EGL - Cities Youth Council Study Visit (Big Cities or Capitals) 2020.10.15. Részletek
Europe Goes Local - Participant Registration form for Cities Youth Council Study Visit from Dec 14 to Dec 18, 2020 in Paris, from big Cities or Capitals
EYE Liner in Greece 2020.10.18. Részletek
EYE Liner offers an international learning experience to practitioners active in youth work field, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects within the E+ YiA Programme.
Solidarity in Your Municipality (online) 2020.10.18. Részletek
This on-line event will highlight the various possibilities the European Solidarity Corps brings to Municipalities, focusing on volunteering.
Democracy Reloading: Training Module B 2020.11.09. Részletek
The training course will support municipality staff in desigining, developing and implementing youth participation in decision making and improving local democracy through the use of the Democracy Reloading online Toolkit.
InnoCamp - develop your digital youth work services - NEW DATES 2020.11.30. Részletek
Are you interested in innovation and digitalisation in youth work? Would you like to discover a new tool to innovate your youth workers practices, services and approaches?
TEC Forum 2021 2020.11.30. Részletek
The TEC (Training and Evaluation Cycle) Forum 2021 is a seminar designed for trainers active in the European Solidarity Corps and who implement the TEC learning cycle.
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