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Megnevezés Határidő Részletek
YOUTH@WORK: Supporting Women’s Entrepreneurship through Youth Work 2019.07.15. Részletek
The training course is part of the Youth@Work Partnership. Youth@Work is an institutional alliance of 16 Erasmus+ National Agencies and SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres. You can learn more about Youth@Work on Facebook @YouthatWorkPartnership.
Queer it up! 2019.07.21. Részletek
This Training Course aims to explore Sexual Identity and Gender Expresion/Identity for those unfamiliar with the LGBT+ community.
Volunteering Projects for All - inclusion hackathon 2019.07.21. Részletek
Aim of this inclusion hackathon is together with experienced organization to find out how we could promote inclusion volunteering project under the European Solidarity corps.
Study Visit: Tandems for good practices of local youth work 2019.07.30. Részletek
Are you ready for reflecting on your own youth work practice, build partnerhsips and get new inputs? Join the Study Visit! Participants will explore good and innovative practices of local youth work in Austria and Hungary.
Young people that practice sports are less likely to fall into extremism and it facilitates their inclusion, brings them the opportunity to acquire sport values as part of their educational process and allows them to feel part of a group and society
Engagement of Women in Politics and Entrepreneurship 2019.08.05. Részletek
The Seminar would be an opportunity to gather youth workers who have a specific interest in promoting at national and international level the empowerment of young women in politics and entrepreneurship and in creating projects focused on this topic.
APPETISER (GR) 2019.08.12. Részletek
Giving a strong positive first experience of international youth projects to motivate the participants to use the Erasmus+ Youth in Action and partially to the European Solidarity Corps Programmes.
OMG. Youth at the Museums 2019.08.19. Részletek
Following the first edition of OMG! the Spanish National Agency for Youth organises this Training Course with the aim of creating bridges between museums and the youth sector through non-formal education.
Developing Youth Workers' Competences in Finland 2019.08.22. Részletek
The cross sectoral study visit both explores the curriculum and teaching of youth work in secondary level vocational institution in Finland and helps to understand how what is learned in the education can be put into practice in daily youth work.
European Solidarity Corps for All 2019.08.22. Részletek
This NET activity focuses on promotion to support participation of disadvantaged participants on ESC projects, encouraging and empowering youth workers, social workers to start inclusive solidarity projects under the European Solidarity Corps programme.
TicTac in Poland 2019.08.25. Részletek
TicTac is a multilateral training course for voluntary and professional youth workers as well as youth leaders interested in using international cooperation to enhance their local development strategies in line with the goals of their organizations.
Mobility Taster for Inclusion Organisations - Latvia 2019.09.01. Részletek
Did you know you can organise international youth projects for your young people from disadvantaged backgrounds? Come and discover what Erasmus+ Youth can do for you and the young people you work with.
ETS trainer skills workshop: Exploring learning environments in training 2019.09.01. Részletek
This TSW will offer the opportunity for trainers to explore how they define and develop learning environments.
Learning to Fly! Training course on Facilitation of Learning in Youth work 2019.09.05. Részletek
This pilot training course guides you through the world of Learning Processes in Youth Work. It is designed to support you to connect with your passion for facilitating learning in youth work and will equip you with a framework and the tools to do so.
International Countryside 2019.09.06. Részletek
Small organisations in rural areas can find human resources as a challenge in organising international youth projects. This study visit shows good practices in one region in Finland. The countryside can be international!
Makerspaces in digital youth work 2019 2019.09.06. Részletek
Hackerspaces, Fab Labs, Makerspaces are places where ideas become projects. Discover how to prepare young people to the challenges of a digital world by tackling their curiosity and creativity in the context of ICT and exchange experiences with makers.
“Embracing Diversity”- Training course on diversity management in Italy 2019.09.15. Részletek
TC will give youth workers concrete methods for managing diversity and serve as a space for exploring various kinds of diversity. It aims to influence the daily practice of the participants by allowing them to learn from and be inspired by each other.
DIALOGUE: English language course for youth mobility 2019.09.23. Részletek
The main aim of the training course is to break the language barriers and motivate youth workers active at the local/national level to start organize projects under Erasmus+ Youth Programme, especially in youth mobility projects.
Conference: Youth work in the digital era 2019.11.01. Részletek
Youngsters grow up in a digitally connected world. What do these developments mean for youth work? Discover the concept of digital youth work, best practices, learn how to adapt youth work practices and how to proactively meet young people's needs?
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