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The Incubator - LESS work for MORE impact 2017.06.02. Részletek
This training course aims to support different stakeholders in the youth field to identify, understand and design which concrete action is the best tool towards the desired local social change/transformation (based upon the assessed needs).
THE SOUND OF MUSIC III 2017.05.28. Részletek
This course is for youth workers to explore the power of music in non formal education activities with young people with different aims (to relax, to activate, to cooperate, to reflect, to promote learning, etc)
OPEN ACCESS II 2017.05.17. Részletek
The activity is for Youth workers on involvement for access of young people with physical or mental disabilities in Erasmus Plus Youth in Action Programme.
Makerspaces in digital youth work 2017.05.07. Részletek
A hands-on training course for youth workers who want to set up an international network in the field of digital youth work and creative e-skills.
GET TRANSNATIONAL! Transnational Youth Initiatives, entrepreneurship and youth participation. 2017.05.07. Részletek
The TC is about how to prepare, run and evaluate qualitative transnational youth initiatives for young people within the new ERASMUS + Programme. This is the 3rd edition of this training course.
Linguistic Workout! English communication competences for transnational youth projects 2017.05.07. Részletek
This TC aims to improve communication competences in English with a functional methodology focusing on international youth work within Erasmus+. It targets participants seeking to build partnerships and develop international youth projects.
Massive Open on-line Course (MOOC) 2017.05.07. Részletek
This MOOC on social communication is dedicated to disseminate good practices in the field of communication strategies for Erasmus Plus projects, to recognize and use them as a resource and reference point for the next generations of youth projects.
BiTriMulti (BTM) - Multilateral Training Course for newcomers in youth exchanges 2017.04.16. Részletek
The aim of the BiTriMulti course is to offer an international learning experience for practitioners active in the youth work field, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects;especially newcomers to this field
Passion for learning - TC on how to support young people better in their learning process 2017.04.16. Részletek
Are you ready to dive into learning? To explore your own motivation behind learning and look for ways to raise motivation for learning of young people? You’re welcome to join the journey leading to higher quality in your daily youth work!
FACILITATE INCLUSION! 2017.04.14. Részletek
Are you working with young people with fewer opportunities and you wish to add a "taste" of E+ to your development? Are you involved in E+ projects and you want to be more inclusive through your activities? Then you are in the right place!
Get up, Stand up! A training course on democracy and active citizenship in the field of youth work 2017.04.09. Részletek
The Get Up, Stand Up! training course explores the complexity of democracy and active citizenship in youth work. It aims at transforming reflections into actions for youth participation.
Power of Positivity : Promoting positive mental health and well-being in youth exchanges 2017.04.05. Részletek
Power of Positivity (POP) is an opportunity for youth workers and newcomers to meet a develop Erasmus + Youth Exchanges, particularly projects working across the theme of the promotion of balanced well-being of young people.
My Favourite Mistake - A training course on supporting positive learning from mistakes 2017.04.04. Részletek
The aim of this training course is to focus on learning, how we can come to a new approach for dealing with mistakes and how we can support young people in dealing with mistakes in a positive, constructive way. We will use different methods and techniques, with a strong influence of theatre and reflective techniques, creating an atmosphere in which making mistakes is being experienced, explored and reflected upon.
University Study Visit: Youth and Community Work in Scotland 2017.04.03. Részletek
This study visit will be taking place in Scotland, UK focusing on Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and other education and training establishments involved in Community Learning and Development (CLD) and Youth Work training programmes.
Sport has the power to provide a universal framework for learning values, thus contributing to the development of competences of young people.
Ignite the spark, Lab 3: Participation as support to youngsters at risk in education / labour market 2017.03.31. Részletek
The 3rd participation lab of “Ignite the spark” explores how participation can support young people who are in difficult educational and work situations. In this lab we want to learn, share and experiment.
Let's coordinate! - Training course for EVS organisations 2017.03.31. Részletek
This training course is designed for EVS organizations that have intermediate to advanced level of experience with coordinating activities.
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