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Megnevezés Határidő Részletek
The Power of Non Formal Education 2017.10.09. Részletek
Improving the impact of Non Formal Education (NFE), principles and methods in creating empowerment opportunities for young people as real actors of the society (from local to Europe).
Employability Ambassadors equips participants with a set of tools to effectively foster the employability of their target groups within their local communities. Thus, informative resources will be provided and social competences developed in it.
Queer it up! - including Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity 2017.09.17. Részletek
This TC will provide participants with the necessary competences to include sexual orientation and gender identity in youth work practice, and to combat prejudice and discriminatory attitudes.
“Raise your voice for tomorrow’s Europe” 2017.09.17. Részletek
The forum gathers various stakeholders in the field of youth to explore relevant policies and practices connected to the education for democratic citizenship with a European dimension, gain new insight on the topic and develop inspiring responses.
APPETISER - An introduction on how to use the Erasmus+ YiA for international youth work 2017.09.17. Részletek
Giving a strong positive first experience of international youth projects to motivate the participants to use the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.
WAKE UP, GREEN UP! 2017.09.14. Részletek
This Training Course aims at developing the competences of youth workers to encourage and support young people’s active involvement in environmental issues.
Democracy Reloaded Study Visit 2017.09.10. Részletek
The aims of the Study Visit are to share and reflect on existing practices of youth participation in decision making at local level in order to elaborate on issues of quality in such practices.
ATOQ GR- Advanced Training on Quality in Greece 2017.09.10. Részletek
The training course is aiming increasing quality within youth exchanges. Based on previous exchanges, an international group of youth workers will focus on quality aspects and improve management competences in order to raise quality of future exchanges.
MENTOR plus - Improving mentorship in EVS 2017.09.10. Részletek
The main aim of the training is to increase the quality of mentoring in EVS and to support active mentors working with their volunteer(s).
BiTriMulti (BTM) - Multilateral Training Course for newcomers in youth exchanges 2017.09.03. Részletek
The aim of the training is to offer an international learning experience for practitioners active in the youth work field, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects;especially newcomers to this field
TICTAC - Multilateral Training Course to support quality in youth worker mobility activities 2017.09.03. Részletek
TICTAC is targeted at voluntary and professional youth workers and youth leaders interested in using international cooperation to enhance their local development strategies, it supports designing quality Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme projects.
All 4 Inclusion (Phase.1) 2017.08.21. Részletek
This TC focuses on encouraging and empowering youth workers, social workers to start inclusive projects with mixed ability groups through Erasmus+ projects. Our aim is to make the E+ more inclusive, accessible for young people with fewer opportunities.
Seminar "Under the same roof - How to work cross-sectorally on inclusion" 2017.08.20. Részletek
A stakeholder seminar on cross-sectoral cooperation for young people with fewer opportunities, notably Roma youth, in order to enable their active involvement and integration in society.
FITA 4 – From Idea To Action 2017.08.15. Részletek
From Idea to Action 4 is the fourth edition of a 5 days training which target youth workers and youth leaders. The main aim is to empower participants to develop their competences promoting and supporting Youth Entrepreneurship in social field.
Rural Study Visit in South-West Finland 2017.08.11. Részletek
Small organisations in rural areas can find human resources as a challenge in organising international youth projects. This study visit shows good practices in one region in Finland. Rural areas can be international too!
Kaboom! - Seminar on Innovative Communication Practices 2017.07.28. Részletek
Kaboom! will offer an insight to some of the best communication practices from various youth projects and explore how the innovation can support the creation of added value in new and existing communication practices and activities in youth field.
EMPOWERING GIRLS: Jump in international youth work 2017.07.24. Részletek
The training will be adressed to young potential female youth/youthworkers or trainers who would like to start their international experience.
Sports for Peacebuilding and Inclusion of minorities 2017.07.23. Részletek
The world is facing challenges connected with violence, discrimination and xenophobia. Sports as international language can be the link for Peacebuilding and intercultural education. Inclusion of different backgrounds' people can be achieved using sports.
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