The 3rd European event of EGL

Határidő: 2019.03.18.

4-6 June 2019 | Brussels, Belgium
An event where local and European youth work meets
The Europe Goes Local strategic partnership will hold its third European event on 4-6 June 2019 in Brussels. The partnership was created in 2016 as the initiative of 22 National Agencies of the Erasmus+ youth programme and their 4 partners – the InterCity Youth network, the POYWE network, the European Youth Forum and the partnership between the EU and the Council of Europe – representing different areas of youth work in Europe.

As a result of the past three years, a broad European network has been established in which more than 150 municipalities, local youth NGOs, umbrella organisations and individual experts cooperate via various international activities.
The 3rd European event brings together 200 actors from municipal level youth work to learn from each other, plan new collaboration activities and have exchanges about the quality development of local youth work with a new support tool, the future European Charter on Local Youth Work.
Get inspired at the event by…
• meeting 200 colleagues from various muncipilaties from all over Europe
• learning and sharing good practices from local youth work
• having dialogues with the representatives of European organisations and institutions
• netwroking and planning new activities with the participants of the event
Whom do we expect?
Similarly to the previous European events, delegations of the 22 ‘Europe Goes Local’ partner countries that will be composed of:
• decision-makers of municipal level youth work and youth policy (municipal staff)
• professionals, experts working in municipal level youth work (municipal staff)
• professionals with a diverse range of expertise reflecting on the needs of municipal level youth work (experts working in NGOs, institutes – non-municipal staff)
• representatives of youth councils
• researchers who are involved in studies on municipal level youth work
• representatives of networks, umbrella organizations dealing with municipal level youth work
• NA staff
Available downloads
This project is financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. Being selected for this seminar, all costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered by the NAs involved in this project. 
Your sending National Agency will inform you about the procedures for the booking of your travel tickets and the reimbursement of your travel expenses; it will as well inform you, if a participation fee is required.
Note: For this seminar applicants are expected to apply on a Hungarian form!
Jelentkezési lap
Kódszám a jelentkezéshez: 2018-1-HU01-KA218-000102
Application deadline: 18 March 2019
Date of selection: 22 March 2019
Contact for questions:
Sztráda Eszter / Ms Eszter Sztráda
Pályázati referens / Programme Officer
Tempus Közalapítvány / Tempus Public Foundation 
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